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Fast Track into Information Technology (FIT Ltd.) is a registered charity funded by the ICT industry and government. Its objective is the progression of people within disadvantaged communities and their integration into mainstream society through access to training in ICT. Its methodology is building collaborations between industry, government (agencies) and local communities. FIT instigates initiatives to support disadvantaged people address basic skills needs and the digital divide; develops curricula, assessment selection procedures, and training initiatives. It makes agreements with national training and education providers and local development organisations to run FIT courses.

FIT has a Board made up of senior figures from the ICT industry (e.g., AOL, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, etc). and a Curriculum Subgroup made up of industry experts and vocational training experts which research, review and approve new curricula. FIT has expert personnel with wide ranging experience in transnational project management, the development of innovative training programmes, socio-economic factors contributing to disadvantage and the creation of ICT based tools and web based resources.

The City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee is the local education authority for Dublin City and its inner suburbs. It provides a wide range of opportunities for the the younger generation of Dubliners, and its life-long education programme offers to adults in all age groups career improvement, leisure and self development courses. A feature of the CDVEC`s vibrancy in catering for all levels has been the promptness with which it has met the changing needs of Business and Industry on one hand and geared itself to changing social conditions on the other. City of Dublin VEC is the largest VEC in the country with 11,826 full-time students. Almost 8,000 are pursuing vocational Post Leaving Certificate courses. There are 1,400 full-time teaching, administrative and maintenance staff in a total of 3,800 people employed by CDVEC. The operation of this scheme requires extensive support services, which include Education, Human Resources, Finance, Management Services, Psychological and Guidance Services and a Buildings Maintenance Section.

FOR.COM Consortium is a multimedia University developing and delivering distance university courses (ODL - Open Distance Learning ), utilising computer networking solutions and tools as distribution channels and collective production facilities, in the framework of collaborative learning and teaching processes. FOR.COM is a public non profit body promoted by the Ministry of University, Technological and Scientific Research. FOR.COM Consortium is the final result of an intense collaboration between Italian and Foreign universities. FOR.COM is also recognised formally as part of public university laboratories (M.I.U.R code 80 – Research and computer science, multimedia and new technology didactic applications).

South West College is a College of Further and Higher Education, based at four main campuses, Cookstown, Dungannon, Enniskillen and Omagh, in Northern Ireland. It is the largest provider of education and training in the South West and employs 1,000 staff and provides education for 2,500 full time students and 25,000 part time students and has an annual operating budget of circa £30 million. The South West region is largely rural and is in a socio-economically disadvantaged area with four of the six most deprived Council areas in Northern Ireland.

In addition, the College provides business support, community and lifelong learning programmes to latent and established businesses in the wider community.

To expand on the existing capacity, South West College has newly established an InnoTech Centre which has been developed to expand the international reach of the College and provide additional industry linked R&D services, innovation support and bespoke training.

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