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Fourth meeting of eTQF project partners was held in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

All partners reviewed the pilot testing of eTeach programme in their organisation, reviewed the number of teachers reached and shared their feedback collected via evaluation questionnaires.

eTQF Framework
UNESCO ICT Competency Framework was explained as a framework that can inform the development of eTQF Framework (Pillars: Technology Literacy, Knowledge Deepening, Knowledge Creation and relevant thematic levels). An updated version of eTQF with examples of qualifications at different levels and competencies descriptors was presented by FIT.

Seminar “Use of ICT in Education” – Demonstrations of the use of ILT by teachers from South West College. Topics included: Use of Software applications, e.g. portable free open-source applications on pendrive, Google Sites for back-up of students work, Use of VLE/Adobe products to reduce the workload of teachers and studens, demonstrations how to create own Virtual Learning Environment using blogs, videos, podcast Use of Interactive Whiteboards and Video clips for students’ evaluation/assessment

All partners gave an update on project dissemination activities carried out to date; target groups reached and planned activities. All partners will receive a template from Maria to be used for planning of further dissemination activities.

Revised Plan of Action for eTQF Project was agreed.

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